sd2iec file dump

Welcome to the official dumping ground for sd2iec firmware releases. You can pick your poison from the list below. Normal users will only need the sd2iec-<version> file, developers may be interested in the source tarball.

You can find previous releases in the Obsolete versions subdirectory and there is a collection of bootloaders in various stages of disrepair in the other subdirectory. Be warned that a newer date in the name of a bootloader archive doesn't always imply that it works better (or at all).

Unfortunately there is still no usable manual for the software, but there is a badly structured, very non-informative README included in the archive and a few people have added information to the sd2iec page on the C64 wiki.

If you're interested in the up-to-date development source code, try the git web interface for browsing or use git clone to get a local copy of the repository. There are also automated builds of the development sources in the nightlies subdirectory.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[DIR]3rd party tools/24-Nov-2012 18:41 -  
[DIR]Hardware/22-Jul-2013 16:23 -  
[DIR]Obsolete versions/20-Oct-2014 01:14 -  
[DIR]bootloader/17-Mar-2013 19:48 -  
[DIR]nightlies/28-Oct-2014 02:50 -  
[DIR]testfiles/30-Sep-2012 18:53 -  
[   ]carddiag-5.zip23-Mar-2008 19:47 55K 
[   ]crcgen-new.exe09-Mar-2008 12:36 6.0K 
[   ]downgrader-sw2.zip24-Mar-2008 13:19 385  
[   ] 00:50 16K 
[   ]fakeroms.zip11-Oct-2010 19:59 536  
[TXT]m2itopc64.c01-Jan-2011 14:32 3.5K 
[   ]sd2iec-current-binaries.zip28-Oct-2014 02:50 461K 
[   ]sd2iec-current-sources.tar.gz28-Oct-2014 02:50 290K 
[   ]tapplay-0.0.1.zip13-Apr-2009 21:14 30K 
[   ]tapplay-0.1.0-sw2.zip21-Aug-2009 16:58 22K 
[TXT] 16:58 835  
[   ]tapplay-0.1.0.zip21-Aug-2009 16:58 75K 
[TXT] 16:58 835